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Le Soula - An Introduction

Le Soula began as a joint enterprise between the UK wine importers Richards Walford and Gérard Gauby, the celebrated Roussillon winemaker.

Gérard became aware in the late 1990s that the nearby Agly valley offered great potential for making wines with the freshness and acidity imparted by altitude, while retaining a distinct southern French character. A search led him to a site of definite promise in the northwest of the Roussillon, high up above the Agly valley. Situated at an altitude of between 350 and 600 metres, with all that implies in terms of cool climate and late picking, le Soula’s vineyards are spread around the villages of Saint Martin de Fenouillet, Felluns, St Arnac and le Vivier. The soils are made up primarily of decomposed granite washed over with limestone, very similar to those of Hermitage. One of the highest vineyards is on slate.

In the early days Soula was managed by Gérard; as the enterprise grew, more help was needed, and in 2008 the project was joined by Gerald Standley, who brought the benefit of his experience working around the vinous world. The vineyards had been worked organically from the outset, and Gerald oversaw the transition to bio-dynamics.

In 2012 Mark Walford took over from Roy Richards, and he now runs the vineyard with Wendy Paillé. Gérard Gauby, who retains an interest, remains as godfather to the business.

In 2016 Gerald left to take on a new challenge in Bordeaux, and Wendy Paillé joined Soula, having previously worked in vineyards in France and Virginia, and then running her own family’s vineyards on the Loire.

Le Soula’s wines can be found with leading importers throughout the world, and in a great many well known restaurants and wine bars..

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